Class Directory

  • Juan Perez
    My name is Juan Esteban Perez, pretty much everyone calls me or knows by “Juanes”. My major is Business Management.
    I work as a Sales associate at a Sneaker and Streetwear store, growing up sneakers was a big thing for me and was a way of connecting and getting to know people since English is not my first language. Reason I’m in this major is because I’d like to learn more about businesses in general since my life goal is to open my own store one day. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Vanessa Flores
    My name is Vanessa Flores, I was born and raised in Queens. I am a Business Administration major. My hobbies include makeup, the gym, and listening to music. I really enjoy going to concerts, and my goal this year is to go to one at least every month! Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Branine Jackson
    Hi, I’m a digital marketing major and small business owner. My hobbies include graphic design, cooking, and axe throwing. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Jamal thomas
    I turned 19 to nearly kick off the year, My major is Business Management, and I enjoy basketball and creating music Here’s my BMCC email:
  • syeed salvant
    My name is Syeed Salvant and my major is business administration, this is my second year at BMCC. I am into sports, I play basketball and football and I watch them both along with MMA. I look forward to getting to know everyone and I am excited to learn and excel in class this semester. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Nadia Khan
    Hi my name is Nadia Khan. My major is nursing, I am a certified MA currently working in healthcare since the pandemic. My hobbies are reading, watching movies, spending time with my roommates and pets. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Fatima Pichardo
    Hello, my name is Fatima and I’m a business administration major. I attended my first semester at BMCC back in 2019 and then took a break when the pandemic started and came back this semester. I like going out to eat with friends but also just staying home on my days off!. I look forward to working with you all!. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Mohamed Hossein
    Hello all! My name is Mohamed Hossein and I attend Brooklyn College. I decided to apply for an e-permit and take this course as I intend on graduating this semester considering the fact that some times, not all courses are offered at your college. My major is business finance and I hope we can all get to know each other better and hope this semester goes by smoothly! I love to drive, travel, and spend time with family and friends. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Kevin Pena
    HI Everybody,

    I’m Kevin and i am a business administration major. I love to go out and enjoy this great city of New York. That includes the random events that pop up around the city and embrace the amazing food culture that exists throughout the city. I have been an active manager and brand developer in the previous companies of employment. This is why i decided to switch from a science major over to a business major since it is what i was already doing day to day. Hope we all have a great class and wish you all the best of luck!.

    Kevin J Pena Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Edward Quinn
    Hi! My name is Ed Quinn, I am a recent Coast Guard veteran that worked on ships as part of the navigation and law enforcement teams. I am originally from Philadelphia, but I am working in New York several days a week and I commute a lot. I am married and have a new baby girl named Remi; my wife and I love to hike and to go to the beach when we can. I am also heavily addicted to surfing, I started about 10 years ago when I was in the Coast Guard and now its always on my mind. I love to surf at Rockaway Beach, and in Atlantic City, New Jersey closer to home. I am studying Entrepreneurship and I just started a coffee roasting and importing business called Moonraker Coffee Roasters. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Kamila Soopy
    Hi, my name is Kamila and I’m from Brooklyn. I am majoring in Business Management. I spend a majority of my time crocheting and looking into other fiber related crafts. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Amanda Hines
    Hello, my name is Amanda Hines, I’m majoring in Business Management. I’m a mother of two with a full time career in brand licensing while also studying full time any chance in between. When I so rarely find free time, I love to salsa dance and take lessons with my partner. I’m a Brooklyn native, born and raised New Yorker and I cant imagine living or being anywhere else. Here’s my BMCC email: Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Marckenson Desgrottes
    My name is Marckenson Desgrottes. A few comments about myself is that I recently switched my major to business administration from early childhood education. The reason is to have more educational aspect in business, and gain more knowledge. Looking forward to this semester. Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Mohamed Hossein
    Hello all! My name is Mohamed Hossein and I am a business finance major. I am a senior who attends school at Brooklyn College taking 6 classes! I love to drive, travel, and take pictures. I hope we all can become friends and hopefully, have an amazing semester together! Here’s my BMCC email:
  • Brielle Buckler
    Hi students! I’m Professor Buckler and I am so excited to learn alongside you all this semester. You can read more about me on the Instructor page, and watch our welcome video where I share more as well. I majored in Sport Administration in college at the University of Miami, and continued my studies at the University of South Florida, where I completed my MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and MSEM (Masters of Sport & Entertainment Management). I love to run, bake, and travel. I can’t wait to meet all of you! Here’s my BMCC email: