Week F

In Week F, we will focus on two units of study: Unit 10: Introduction to Management & Unit 11: Operations Management.

In Unit 10: Introduction to Management we will explore the primary functions, responsibilities, and skills of effective leadership and management. We will learn about the three levels of management — top, middle, and first-line — and discuss the technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills managers need to be effective.

In Unit 11: Operations Management, we will explore this core component of every organization. Regardless of for-profit or not-for-profit status, size of the organization, and type of product or service sold, each organization aims to do things as efficiently and as effectively as possible. 

Use the Week F links in our Course Schedule to access our Course Materials and Assignments for this unit. As a reminder, all assignments must be submitted by Friday, May 6, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.