1. What do you think is the most demotivating part of Harper’s job?
  2. If you were an HR manager meeting with Harper’s supervisor, David, what advice would you give to help them re-engage Harper?
  3. What would be the downside of losing Harper as an employee?

I could tell Harper was an accomplished and hardworking person after reading the article “A Case of Disengagement.” Things changed after she had a new supervisor, David, and the most demotivating part of Harper’s employment, in my opinion, is that she is not being recognized for her contributions while doing extra work, plus she only told her true feelings to her friends but not to her supervisor.

If I were an HR manager working with David, the advice I would give to assist them in re-engaging Harper is that they need greater communication; they shouldn’t overburden their staff; they should pay her for the extra job she does. Encourage your coworkers to emphasize work-life balance and healthy workloads. According to the article “8 EFFECTIVE EMPLOYEE RETENTION STRATEGIES”, working less often equates to less stress, which means you’ll be so much more productive.

Losing a great employee like Harper will hurt. It costs the company organization in recruitment, hiring, institutional knowledge, and customer relationships. It also creates emotional and personal challenges within teams as well. Provide opportunities to improve both inside and outside of work for good talent who wants to develop and harness their skills at every opportunity. Recognize and appreciate employee accomplishments and progress when they do.