Final Reflection

This assignment is required as part of our BUS 104 course this semester. Students should use this form to reflect on their experience in BUS 1904: Introduction to Business this semester, and should use their key takeaways from each week and unit of study throughout the semester to inform their response.

This document is intended to be a reflection on learning in which students can honestly evaluate the course based on their own learning styles and evaluation of the content and professor. Points will be awarded for honesty. Points will NOT be deducted for honest opinions.

To complete this form, students should finish the prompts / answer the questions in as many sentences as necessary to demonstrate their points. Unless indicated otherwise, responses should be written in complete sentences. Please answer each question.

Students can click here to access the Google Form and complete the Final Reflection assignment. This must be submitted by Friday, May 20 at 11:59pm ET.

As always, if you need more information, you can ask me a question. For information on due dates, check our Course Schedule.