Week B

In Week B, we will focus on two units of study: Unit 2: Excel Skills for Business & Unit 3: Economic Environment.

In Unit 2: Business Technology, we will learn about Information Systems and why they are vital to business, before turning our focus specifically to Microsoft® Excel® which is a spreadsheet program used by most businesses for a myriad of reasons. As part of our BUS 104 requirements, students will learn the basics of Excel, through open educational resources, recorded tutorials, and self-practice and application. Throughout our semester, we’ll examine how in both professional and personal settings, Microsoft® Excel® can make processes and recordkeeping more efficient and accurate. (Plus, many employers list Microsoft® Excel® proficiency as a requirement for employment, so this unit and the semester-long focus on Microsoft® Excel® will help students in their chosen path after they complete this class.

In Unit 3: Economic Environment, we will explore the fundamentals of economics and how organizations balance resources and scarcity. Economics is the study of choice given scarcity. We’ll also learn about opportunity cost and how that factors into decision making.

Use the Week B links in our Course Schedule to access our Course Materials and Assignments for this unit. As a reminder, all assignments must be submitted by Friday, April 8, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.