The repressive apparatus state is used to regulate the species. He utilizes the repressive because it regulates the independence of the nation. Instances encompass police, courts, and prisons which control you through the threat of violence. They use the fear of you being scared of the police because of your color. today’s democracies make you feel left out because of your skin color or where you came from or the language you speak.

2) Ideological State Apparatuses differences from the importance include schools, politics, and the total agencies. Instances encompass, politics conserving the importance by lending you an intention so you feel like you have some obligation towards the community you live in. Nonetheless, in today’s democracies, you have a choice between different parties.

3) Repressive Apparatus State intends for custody physically through violence and suspicion. Idealistic State Apparatuses control more psychologically through people’s minds and thought methods. For example through the media and schooling. They use media to get into people’s heads they make us scared of the police or education.


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