1.The court system is better suited to protect the individual, than are the elected branches of government because the U.S. judicial system is a dual court system. Therefore, when the criminal suspect disagrees with the verdict, he can appeal to a higher court.

2. “Many Americans have thus called the federal court’s system, and especially the Supreme Court, anti-democratic PLACES IN OUR GOVERNMENT.” Democracy comes in many forms. If democracy in this sentence refers to direct democracy, then the sentence is entirely correct. If democracy in this context means representative democracy, then the appointment of judges in the United States is in accordance with democratic procedures. The reason for appointing in that way is that legal justice does not require democracy, but rather neutrality. Representative democracy ensures that the judges elected are of a professional standard. If direct democracy is used to elect judges and pilots to positions that require a high level of professionalism, it is possible that a blind man will be voted in as a pilot. So for the U.S., what is the purpose of the system by design? The economic base determines the superstructure. What is the economic basis of the representative capitalist system? — Capitalist private ownership. In a capitalist system, representative democracy prevents the tyranny of the majority and limits the power of government. The purpose of all this is to protect private property from infringement.

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