1. What did the Supreme Court decide in the Wal-Mart case? And more importantly, how did it justify its decision? (HINT: the key word here is “commonality” (and how it related to “class-action lawsuit”). Try to understand what this legal term means, as it is key to the court’s decision).

In the Wal-Mart case lawsuit against Walmart, the Supreme Court determined that a group of about 1.5 million women could not be recognized as a viable class of plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit for worker discrimination against Walmart. The Supreme Court decided to take Walmart’s side even though the evidence showed how “Wal-Mart paid its male employees more than its female employees in every one of the store’s forty-one retail regions.” And how men and their performance were rated higher. These facts stated in the article clearly showed how these women were being discriminated against.

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