1. The difference between them is that a just law, is a rule made by the man, following the morality taught by religion, in this case Christianism, it is an implicit law of God, a just law is created to help society and each one of its subjects equally, not creating any disparities, on the other hand, an unjust law is not based in eternal or natural law, it gives false senses of superiority or inferiority to citizens depending if the law is unjust or not for them.

2. When just laws are implemented, everybody gets the same benefits, it creates a healthy society, and pushes for a prosper future, however, unjust laws, give society the chance to see in an introspective manner the opportunity to criticize the system they live in, and how they can transform institutions to give all the citizens the same respect and rights. It is important to know the difference between just and unjust laws, because as society is in constant evolution, just laws, can become unjust in the future due to the changes in the way of how society thinks.

3. Food sharing was criminalized for some time, it started in California and later spread throughout the country, where people were apprehended by the police when trying to help homeless people by giving them food, this was the case of Arnold Abbot, a 90-year-old nonprofit leader who was arrested several times due to the violation of the local “Food Sharing” ordinance in Fort Lauderdale. Making the lives of homeless people more miserable because they could not even get a meal from Samaritans.

The Civil Rights Act implementation in 1964, this law had an unquestionable impact, it helped to end public racial discrimination in public accommodations in public and employment (desegregation), making the game a little fairer for that time in American history and uplifting human personality as MLK saw that just laws did.

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