1. The difference between owners and employees  is that owners benefit from the value of their workers’ excess work, whereas workers are people who sell their work to owners for a livable wage. Unless they work as an employee in addition to owning a firm, company owners do not receive a paycheck or pay taxes as employees. Most of the employees are not taxed on the money you take out of the business as a business owner save for corporate shareholders. For example, as an employee, you are going to exchange your time for money. Employees manage the business. Owners manage the people, if your owner corporation offers employee group benefits, you can legally give yourself the same benefits as other employees. Some benefits, such as participating in health savings accounts, may not be available to you as an owner/employee. Other benefits apply even if you don’t meet the owner-employee definition.
  1. Accounting to the quote Adam Smith believes that people performing these specialized tasks is a good thing. It is good for both workers and society. For Smith, the division of labor built upon two natural propensities in human nature and in doing so created the possibility for greater efficiency, cheaper production, and more jobs. He also valued the division of labor for facilitating human cooperation and understanding on a mass scale.the benefits of division of labour include.

3. In socialists’ view, class is not an identity; rather, it is a structural position in which all activities are predicated on the interdependency between capital and employees, with each pursuing a rational strategy to maintain that position. The United States is capitalist with socialist aspects. It is a mixed economy. While a market economy operates in the United States, the government also controls several industries.

4. Dependency is directly correlated with power. The more you are dependent on that resource, the more power they would have on you. The example of someone on whom I was dependent was my project manager in my previous internship where the manager was responsible for my internship certificate and also letter of appreciation. I was dependent on him because of these two important resources as it was a part of my summer training project for my exam. It was important for me to score well and thus, I wanted my letter of appreciation to be as good as possible, making me depend on my manager for the same.

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