Midterm Brief: NutriHealth

Project Information

Project Name


Project Description:

We want to create a website where users can easily attend events, get recipes, and connect with others who have the same interest. Our project will be based on reliable information that will prove to people the importance of healthy eating habits.

Project Team:

Daniel, Angelica, Nataliya

Project Goals:


Our goal is to create a website where we can build a community that motivates people to lead a healthier lifestyle by providing access and guidance to healthy food habits.

Audience Information

Project Audience:


Adults between the age of 25 to 40 ( from any profession with any background) that are aware of the importance of eating healthy.

Young adults who don’t know how to start eating healthy

Adults interested in losing weight

Pregnant women.

People with health problems.

Immigrants / Aliens who don’t have an idea about nutritional value

User Goals:


Find healthy recipes online.

Find a list of healthy groceries on a budget.

Network with like-minded people 

Become a part of the community

Learn more about nutrition

Improve work-life balance


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