Midterm Brief: Muse

Project Information

Project Name


Project Description:

Muse- a site showcasing impactful leaders and artist in African American and Latin culture who have voices have not been featured in history, through content provided by Smithsonian and Spotify with a CTA of donation or learning more about supporting foundations.

Project Team:

Asia Sewer and Jalitza Valerio

Project Goals:


We hope to accomplish a full site with content pulling from Smithsonian and Spotify API. We want to inform anyone visiting the site about African American leaders and artist who had such and influence but are skipped over during history lessons. We want to the audience to connect  and engage  through the content on the, starting with images than being able to listen to a partial playlist and lastly a CTA to donate to foundations that supports African American education.

Audience Information

Project Audience:


The target audience would range from the ages  of 16-25 , anyone who identifies as a person of color and wants to learn about impactful people who helped shape history. This person would a little more tech savvy because the playlist is curated from Spotify and also for someone that lacks that knowledge and wants to engage.

User Goals:


Learn about people who influenced history.

Reflect on aspects of this community and the changes in the world.

Donate or learn about foundations that support causes created by the leaders and artist featured.


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