Midterm Brief: LI Bucketlist

Project Information

Project Name

LI Bucketlist

Project Description:

To provide places and or activity ideas for fellow long islanders to partake in throughout the year. Includes coupons for certain events such as museums and restaurants.

Project Team:

Noelle Stegner

Project Goals:

I hope to guide people to the fun and entertaining experiences located throughout the beautiful Long Island. I want to connect people through advertising race events or even things like wine and paint nights in order to promote socializing with new people safely, especially now when everyone feels quite isolated at times due to Covid.

Audience Information

Project Audience:

My audience will be ages 18 – 30 of all types of genders, who live in Long Island or nearby Long Island, foodies, and adventurers.

User Goals:

Ever just sit around wondering what to do with yourself when you’re bored? Well LI Bucketlist can help guide you to Long Island hiking spots if you’re looking to not spend money, affordable restaurants to go out to lunch with a friend, drive-in movie theaters etc…

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