Noelle’s Week 11 Learning Journal

My experience creating and giving the midterm presentation: The Midterm went pretty smoothly for me, the style tile I enjoyed the most creating. I felt like I could have explained more about the website though. Did the process of making and giving the presentation make you feel more prepared to present information in a professional… Continue reading Noelle’s Week 11 Learning Journal

Midterm Brief: LI Bucketlist

Project Information Project Name LI Bucketlist Project Description: To provide places and or activity ideas for fellow long islanders to partake in throughout the year. Includes coupons for certain events such as museums and restaurants. Project Team: Noelle Stegner Project Goals: I hope to guide people to the fun and entertaining experiences located throughout the… Continue reading Midterm Brief: LI Bucketlist

Noelle’s Week 3 Learning Journal

How was your experience with watching JavaScript Collections? Overall good, the videos were pretty simple yet informative, they also weren’t too long which was nice. Describe your understanding of JavaScript’s use and position in modern Web Design. I am still a bit confused about JavaScript but what I understand is how important it is towards… Continue reading Noelle’s Week 3 Learning Journal

Noelle Stegner

Hello everyone! I am on my final semester at BMCC and have been attending for 2 years towards a Multimedia Programming and Design associates degree. Some hobbies of mine are film, video games, music, travel, and experimental photography.

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