HTML Resources and References

This is a link to some outside resources on HTML.

HTML Essential Training

View Course (LinkedIn Learning sign on required)
This is a LinkedIn Learning Course by Jen Simmons who is one of the leading HTML and CSS Advocates. This course goes over everything in HTML. Most likely you will not go through the whole course. You can jump in to sections that you need to refresh. Also, this course has a quiz at the end of each chapter so this is another way that you can test your knowledge. If you get a question wrong it suggests videos to watch.

Article on When to Use HTML5 Elements

Ken Bellows’s Stop using so many divs! An intro to semantic HTML article. This explains when to use the most common sectioning elements (page structure).

MDN HTML Reference

MDN HTML Elements Reference This is a great reference to keep handy. MDN is for Mozilla Developers Network. Mozilla makes the Firefox browser and other things.

Interactive Online Presentation on HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Lea Verou’s Introduction to Modern Web Technologies It’s long but interactive. It covers HTML, CSS and JS. Don’t go all through at once.

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