Noelle’s Week 3 Learning Journal

How was your experience with watching JavaScript Collections?

Overall good, the videos were pretty simple yet informative, they also weren’t too long which was nice.

Describe your understanding of JavaScript’s use and position in modern Web Design.

I am still a bit confused about JavaScript but what I understand is how important it is towards making an interactive fluid website.

What are you interested in doing with JavaScript in your personal project?

It would be cool to create a small interactive game on a website or an interactive map with JavaScript.

What aspects of CSS Layout and JavaScript do you need more practice with?

CSS I am pretty okay on, I could use a little more experience with Float and Flexbox but other than that I am alright.

JavaScript, however, I am still trying to grasp how to properly use the variables, operators, etc… I think I just need more hands-on work with it.

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