Asia‘s Week 1 Learning Journal

How the Week Went Overall

Week 1 went pretty well. Exciting to know that our stack will go the less traditional route because we are using JAMStack workflow and Eleventy.

How I Feel About my HTML Knowledge

Overall, HTML went pretty well. I could use a basic review. I use a few HTML elements but I don't know the actual definitions, and there are some elements I never use that I want to try.

Where I am with My Dev Environment Setup

Getting the Dev Environment started is always challenging at first, but fingers crossed, it should get better. I worked with VSC in a Linux environment with any Ubuntu distro. I always ran away from using a PC because development on Windows OS was difficult, and there was never enough documentation. I will try to use my PC this semester. I already had WSL installed and will update to WSL 2. It's not an obstacle, just something I will have to learn and read up on this semester.

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