Midterm Brief: Muse

Project Information Project Name Muse Project Description: Muse- a site showcasing impactful leaders and artist in African American and Latin culture who have voices have not been featured in history, through content provided by Smithsonian and Spotify with a CTA of donation or learning more about supporting foundations. Project Team: Asia Sewer and Jalitza Valerio… Continue reading Midterm Brief: Muse

Asia’s Week 3 Learning Journal

How was your experience with watching JavaScript Collections? Yes, I was able to watch them without any issues. Describe your understanding of JavaScript’s use and position in modern Web Design. Javascript is basic interactive structure in web design. Functional part of features. What are you interested in doing with JavaScript in your personal project? I’m… Continue reading Asia’s Week 3 Learning Journal

Asia Sewer

Hi, my name is Asia. I’m an MMP major. This is my third semester at BMCC. My first goal is to build a UX design portfolio, showcase three functional and engaging case studies. Another goal is to land an internship in UX design. I’m interested in design and any technology. I work in the IT… Continue reading Asia Sewer

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