Class Update 2.26.21

Hello Everyone,

There are a number of things now available for you:

Learning Journal

Please take a minute to do the learning journal. This time I added some extra private questions that won’t be viewed publicly and then added some public questions. I’m sorry for the formatting not the checkboxes on one of the private questions. I haven’t had time to go in and figure out what is messing up the styling.

Week 5 Post

Then watch the videos for the week. This week we start with the Building Serverless Apps with JAMStack and Eleventy LinkedIn Learning Course by Ray Villalobos. I have a few videos you can watch before that which will help with knowing how to work with the course exercise files (they are in a GitHub Repository). 

If you don’t have time to watch my videos or don’t fully understand them, that’s OK. We will cover it during class too. 

Come to class on Monday with questions. I want to approach it by more answering questions than just repeating what is in the videos.

Progress Check

The Progress Check is a look over everything we have done so far including what you should have done, information and concepts we have covered.

Finally, I’m working on some of the class recordings and getting them up. I’ll post them to our Dropbox folder for class instead of YouTube. I’ll let you know when they are ready.

Have a good weekend!

Prof Stein

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