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Motivation Monday : Tips for a Successful Finals Week

The countdown to finals week begins! Everyone, from first-year students to seniors with one foot out the door, can feel stress and anxiety during finals week in college. Instead students should adopt effective, time-tested methods to reduce your study time and improve your physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated, survive finals week to finish up this semester strong.

1.) Pace Yourself

Finals prep can be simple if you’ve been working hard all semester. Pacing oneself is a smart idea even if you have fallen off the study wagon. A semester’s worth of knowledge cannot be attempted to be retained in one night.

2.) Study Smarter not Harder

Preparing for a multiple-choice exam is very different from studying for an essay test. Short answers require different strategies than show-your-work problem sets. Alternate between various study strategies regardless of the format of the exam. Ex.) If you’re a visual learner, it can help to create mind maps or diagrams to visualize how the concepts you’re learning relate to one another.

3.) Sleeping to Succeed

A missed night of sleep can negatively impact your memory and logical reasoning skills. Long-term sleep deprivation is even worse for academic performance. Even if it seems counterproductive, you might be better off getting eight hours of sleep before an exam instead of pulling an all-nighter.

Wellness Wednesday: Tips to Get Through the Holiday Season

For many people, the holidays can bring complicated emotions and stress for a variety of reasons. Celebrations are a great time of year, but they can also be stressful. Taking control of your emotional well-being can help you feel better and find the season more enjoyable. Here are a few ways you can sneak in some stress relief into this holiday season.

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Week of 11/20 Events

With so many events, meetings, workshops, and more across campus, the GAINS weekly calendar brings it all to one place. Check out these workshops happening this week by the Learning Resource Center, Academic Advisement and Transfer Center, Counseling Center and much more!

Are you ready for Spring 2023? Visit GAINS x Conexiones today in S-510 at 1PM

Are you joining us today at GAINS x Conexiones Advisement & Registration Hour ? Bring a friend and meet the GAINS Academic Success Advocates.

Why You Should Join Us?

Academic Success Advocates are aware of ongoing programs and can recommend certain opportunities, such as workshops, scholarships, internship and other resources available on campus. While your advisor can assist you in making decisions about courses that have prerequisites or that must be taken during a certain semester. Academic Success Advocates are here to help guide them through your academic goals/aspirations.

Join Us for GAINS Advisement & Registration Hour

GAINS & Conexiones is teaming up to better support you be ready for Spring 2023. We wanted to share some helpful info and tips to make the advisement/registration process as smooth as possible.

When: Wednesday, November 16th 2022

Where: S-510

Time: 1 – 2 PM

Academic Advisement

Early Acacdemic Advisement and Registration for Winter/Spring 2023 classes has started November 7th, 2022, In-Person and Online.

Week of 11/7- 11/11 Events

With so many events, meetings, workshops, and more across campus, the GAINS weekly calendar brings it all to one place. Check out these workshops happening this week by the Learning Resource Center, Academic Advisement and Transfer Center, Counseling Center and much more!

Motivation Monday: Information Processing

What Is Information Processing?
With the momentum of technology, there have been comparisons made between the way a computer operates and the way our mind does. Just as a computer receives, stores and brings up information, so do our minds.

Benefits of improving Information Processing:
• Improve your ability to recall information.
• Connect new information with previous knowledge.
• Cut down on time spent studying.

Study Techniques Based on Your Learning Type


  1. Draw concept maps.
  2. Underline or highlight your notes.
  3. Use different colors to take notes.
  4. Rewrite or redraw things from memory.
  5. Use flashcards.
    Reading / Writing
  6. Highlight the text.
  7. Make an outline.
  8. If you own the book, write notes on the text.
  9. If you’re able, print the PowerPoint slides and write notes on them.
  10. Record your lectures.
  11. Read your notes out loud.
  12. Study in groups and talk things out.
  13. Participate in class discussions.
  14. Make flash cards.
  15. Take science classes with labs.
  16. Study in short blocks.
  17. Study in a group.
  18. Create charts and diagrams to help organize information.

Time Management Tips

Hi scholars, I know we are halfway through Fall 2022. You all should be proud of yourself and here at GAINS we know that some students may have struggled with time management. Here are a few time management tips that can be used now and next semester.

Time management does not happen overnight. It is a practice that can achieved. If you feel you need some help in this area, please reach out to your ASA for additional help and resources.

Wellness Wednesday: Steps to Beating Burnout

Stress is to be expected in college. Students need to make sure that stress doesn’t become something a whole lot worse. Get the information you need to spot burnout in yourself and others, and to gather the resources and expert advice you need for combatting it. Check out the articles, video and document below for ways you can deal with burnout in healthy and sustainable ways.

What Is Academic Burnout?

Academic burnout can be defined as a negative emotional, physical and mental reaction to prolonged study that results in exhaustion, frustration, lack of motivation and reduced ability in school.

1.) How to Identify and Prevent Student Burnout

2.) 15 Tips on How To Deal with Student Burnout

3.) How To Extinguish Your Academic Burnout | Opinion