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Mid-Semester Motivation

We are just over halfway through the semester!!!

It’s easy to lose motivation and forget the goals we set out at the beginning of the semester.

So, we put together a list of short videos to beat the mid-semester slump so you can refocus and get back to working toward your goals.

1.) For consistency motivation click here

2.) For a quick pep talk, watch below:

3.) For attitude and effort, watch below:

Academic Probation can be scary but its not the end of the world.You can turn it. And here are a very tips.

Wellness Wednesday: Meditation

Mindfulness can be explored in new and beneficial ways during college. It is only natural for you to experience a sense of overwhelm as college life picks up the pace with deadlines, exams and everything else changing. But rather than worrying and giving in to the stress, it might be a perfect chance for you to try meditation.

BMCC, Let’s Make Some #GAINS…

The GAINS program is one of seven projects funded by the BMCC President’s Fund for Excellence and Innovation. The proposal titled Restoring Good Academic Standing through the Gaining Academic Insight & New Strategies Program seeks to provide individualized support to students who find themselves on academic probation for the first time. Through active participation, planning, and partnership between BMCC staff and BMCC students, the program will promote academic, social, and personal growth.