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Motivation Monday: Information Processing

What Is Information Processing?
With the momentum of technology, there have been comparisons made between the way a computer operates and the way our mind does. Just as a computer receives, stores and brings up information, so do our minds.

Benefits of improving Information Processing:
• Improve your ability to recall information.
• Connect new information with previous knowledge.
• Cut down on time spent studying.

Study Techniques Based on Your Learning Type


  1. Draw concept maps.
  2. Underline or highlight your notes.
  3. Use different colors to take notes.
  4. Rewrite or redraw things from memory.
  5. Use flashcards.
    Reading / Writing
  6. Highlight the text.
  7. Make an outline.
  8. If you own the book, write notes on the text.
  9. If you’re able, print the PowerPoint slides and write notes on them.
  10. Record your lectures.
  11. Read your notes out loud.
  12. Study in groups and talk things out.
  13. Participate in class discussions.
  14. Make flash cards.
  15. Take science classes with labs.
  16. Study in short blocks.
  17. Study in a group.
  18. Create charts and diagrams to help organize information.

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