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Motivation Monday : Tips for a Successful Finals Week

The countdown to finals week begins! Everyone, from first-year students to seniors with one foot out the door, can feel stress and anxiety during finals week in college. Instead students should adopt effective, time-tested methods to reduce your study time and improve your physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated, survive finals week to finish up this semester strong.

1.) Pace Yourself

Finals prep can be simple if you’ve been working hard all semester. Pacing oneself is a smart idea even if you have fallen off the study wagon. A semester’s worth of knowledge cannot be attempted to be retained in one night.

2.) Study Smarter not Harder

Preparing for a multiple-choice exam is very different from studying for an essay test. Short answers require different strategies than show-your-work problem sets. Alternate between various study strategies regardless of the format of the exam. Ex.) If you’re a visual learner, it can help to create mind maps or diagrams to visualize how the concepts you’re learning relate to one another.

3.) Sleeping to Succeed

A missed night of sleep can negatively impact your memory and logical reasoning skills. Long-term sleep deprivation is even worse for academic performance. Even if it seems counterproductive, you might be better off getting eight hours of sleep before an exam instead of pulling an all-nighter.

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