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Information Processing

With all that we have going on in our lives it may be hard to think about and reflect on how we’re learning what it is we’re learning. Having different strategies to make learning meaningful to you can help you organize new information and recall it easier.

Ask yourself the following questions:
1.) While studying do you make connections between the material that you already have and the new information you are learning?
2.) Do you spend a lot of time going over class materials and readings, but your grades don’t reflect your time and efforts?
3.) Do you find it difficult to learn in classes of which you have very little prior knowledge?

Here are a few articles

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3.) Chunking: Learning Technique for Better Memory click

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Happy Monday GAINS Scholars,

Keep Calm and Game On! It’s not too late to register for GAINS GAME DAY. Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday April 27th @ 1:30-3:30 PM for Free Games, Food, Swag Bags & Much More!


Using Academic Resources

There are certain places on campus that every student knows well. The cafeteria, library and financial aid office. But you might be surprised at what BMCC offers, best of all are free of charge.

Academic Resources at BMCC

1.) Library – On-Campus location: room S-410
Email: help@bmcc-cuny.libanswers.com

2.) Learning Resource Center – On-Campus location: room S-510;
Email(s): lrc@bmcc.cuny.edu (general info), lrctutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu (tutoring), and onlinetutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu (online tutoring)

3.) Mathematics Lab/Tutoring – On-Campus location: room S-535
Email: mathtutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu

4.) Writing Center / Basic Skills English Lab) – On-Campus location: room S-510
Email: writingcenter@bmcc.cuny.edu

5.) ESL (English as a Second Language) Lab – On-Campus location: room S-510J)
Email(s): Joshua Belknap (ESL Lab Coordinator) jbelknap@bmcc.cuny.edu
or Academic Literacy and Linguistics Department: ALL@bmcc.cuny.edu

6.) Academic Advisement and Transfer Center (AATC) at: aatc@bmcc.cuny.edu

Additional Campus Resources (to assist with external factors impacting academic success)

7.) Office of Accessibility – On-Campus location: N-360
Email: accessibility@bmcc.cuny.edu

8.)Counseling Center – On-Campus location: S-343
Email: counselingcenter@bmcc.cuny.edu

9.) Advocacy and Resource Center – On-Campus location: S-230
Email: arc@bmcc.cuny.edu

GAINS Story-Robert

Meet Dr. Robert E. Cortes, the Program Manager of the Gaining Academic Insight and New Strategies (GAINS) Program. Dr. Cortes discusses his own academic journey from a student on academic probation to recently completing his doctoral degree. #MakeGAINStogether



The mind is a powerful thing. If you adapt a growth mindset, your attitude will follow.

Take a close look at your day-to-day routine and the influence it has on your life and most importantly your attitude. Start by asking yourself these questions:

1.) How do I start my day?

2.) Do I have a routine that help keep a positive attitude all day long?

3.) Am I attentive to my emotions and its fluctuations? 

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” — Maya Angelou

Here are a few articles and video for tips to improve your attitude:

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3.) 15 Ways to Practice Positive Self-Talk for Success click

4.) The Power of Positivity | Brain Games click

Time Management

Whether you’re working multiple jobs, navigating friend groups or raising a family, here are a few time management strategies and tips to help keep you organized and your assignments on track.

1.) 30 Time Management Tips click

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4.) 5 Simple Student Planner and Time Management Tips for College Students click

April Events

April is filled with exciting workshops, special events and much more. We look forward to seeing you!

Academic Coaching is Available too!



Everyone has difficulty concentrating at times. Often seen as something that comes naturally to some people or in
certain situations, but not others. Actually, our ability to concentrate is not a single thing that comes or goes but depends on many factors and can be greatly improved.

Here’s a few articles on increasing concentration.

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2.) ‘I can’t concentrate!’ How to focus better when studying click

3. ) BMCC Learning Resource Center  click