What it means to say Phoenix, Arizona.

In “What it means to say Phoenix, Arizona”, I think the colonization affected Victor’s friends and family economically and socially. I think they were affected economically because they were no jobs and no resources for them. Victor’s father moved to Phoenix probably to find a job so he could live better. Perhaps, because he was indian he was never hired and ended up living in a trailer. When Victor’s father died, Victor called the Tribal Council for help but all he could get was 100 dollars, this makes me think that they do not get funds from the Government. I think they were affected socially because they were isolated in the Spokade region of Washington.

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  1. I definitely agree with you about the location of these reservations playing a big role in the isolation and set back of their social progress. It sort of feels as if it was done intentionally, not because the US government wanted them to have their own, private land but because it kept them secluded from everyone else.

  2. Hi! I agree with you. Native Americans didn’t receive the help they need from the Government. That the reason Victor’s father left his family behind. Poverty is a big factor that contribute to alcoholism in those reservations.

  3. YES! Exactly Jesus completely agree with you. Victor and his family and peers were definitely financially they weren’t well of and this affect them long term. What i learned from your comment is the idea of how Victor’s father maybe never was able to receive a job because who his father was in the social class and his nationality.

  4. You make a good point with the isolation issue. A lot of non-Native Americans have never been to a reservation because of how far away they are from many places so we have no idea what their life is like until reading or watching such mediums from Native Americans

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