This is What it Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona.

Victor had a best friend called Thomas ( he was a storyteller) they did everything togueter. One day when they were 15 they stopped being friends because Victor got drunk and beat Thomas without reason. 

I think the relationship beetween Victor and his father was normal but Victor didn’t know that his father would leave his family. He didn’t know that  his father was tired of the life he had at the reservation.  

I think that the relationship with his father was very affected because he was tired of living in a reservacion. I think his father felt like a prisoner there. I think Victor’s community did not receive the help they should have received from the goverment. They lived in bad condition. They could not even afford a plane ticket, that’s the reason his father felt that way and ran away from that place.   

The effects of colonization are devastating because colonizers took over their land, languages, cultures and identities. I think people that live in those reservations are struggling every day to survive, they live in economic instability and under government control that don’t respect their rights.  

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  1. Hi Carolina! I agree that the effects of colonization are devastating. They erased entire cultures and the effects are still felt today. I believe that Victor felt very distant from his identity and self. I liked your post!

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