Feminism in Ichiyo

Ichiyo was born during the Meiji era, when women were permitted to attend school just to learn how to read and write. Only a few women had the same opportunities for further study as Ichiyo. Women did not have rights at the time. They were the property of their dads or husbands. Women were obliged to marry at an early age in order to please their families and cultures, have children, and stay at home to cook for their husbands, clean the house, and care for the children. Ichigo was well aware that women were more than that. She told true stories through her writing. She was a strong woman who supported her family following the loss of his father. Giving your daughter’s hand to other families at a young age has been practiced for centuries and continues to be practiced in many areas of the world.

2 thoughts on “Feminism in Ichiyo

  1. Hi, I agree with you that women in the Meiji era were seen as procreating and doing household chores. Although we are not living in the Meiji era women are still sold, married at a young age and are not allowed to go to school in some parts of the world.

  2. Man it pretty absurd to think that they lived their life to please parents and society just thinking about that is honestly heartbreaking i wouldn’t be to live my life off those norms but all can do is break that cycle and show my daughters different.

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