Marxism in the thirteenth night.

In the thirteenth night the Oseki who came from a low-class family and married Harada Osamu who belongs to the high class. Oseki’s relationship with her husband changed after she had her son Taro. Oseki’s husband started to abuse her verbally, calling her boring, worthless, etc. I think Oseki felt obliged to remain in the abusive marriage because she was economically stable, and probably did not want her son to grow up without a father. Oseki was thinking to leave her husband and when she found out that the man pulling the rickshaw was her old school classmate, she was so excited, she was asking him many questions perhaps she was hoping that her classmate progressed and was economically stable to start a relation, but he was poor and did not have a place to live. She chose to stay in the abusive relation for the rest of her life.

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  1. Hi jesus, I agree with all of your points, Oseki must’ve felt like it was some sort of sign when she ran into Roku after all those years. But at the end she just left disappointed and was no longer hopeful like she was in the beginning.

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