Who are Families?: Best Practices for Working with Families who have Infants

What are the best practices for working with families who have infants from the reading you selected in this module?  Identify your source (reading ) as you develop the list.

Your reading may have described families of older children; how can you apply the information to families who have infants?

Who are Families? Activity #1: Exploring Families

Pick 1 reading:

Watch Our Family: A Film About Family Diversity (2016)


Citing extensively from both the videos and the reading (I explain how to cite in posts in this video) answer the questions below:


    1. How are the strategies you identified in Module 1 working? What is going well? What may need to be changed? What have you learned about yourself as a student in an online class?
    2. How do you define family?
    3. Which article did you chose? Why?
    4. What are the strengths of the families you read about and saw in the videos? How specifically did the families demonstrate those strengths? Give evidence to support your answer.
    5. What challenges do the families you read and saw in the videos face? Give evidence to support your answer.


Identify a colleague who read a different article than you did. In your response, explain how the strengths of the families you read about and your colleague read about are similar and how they are different. How are the challenges the families face similar and different?