Module 1: Introductions (1/28-2/2/29)


Module Objectives

In this module you will:

  • Explore the requirements of ECE 209-Seminar
  • Identify strategies to be a successful online student
  • Analyze the syllabus, Course, Guide, Assignment Guidelines, and Course Policies

Activity #1: Scavenger Hunt

This activity has 2 tasks:

  1. Locate and read the Syllabus, Course Guide, Assignment Guidelines, and Course Policies (the video on the ‘About this Class’ home page will help you find these items.
  2. Write down any questions you have from the syllabus, Assignments Guidelines and Course Polices, and bring them to ECE 209-Lecture, so we cam discuss them when we meet!

Activity #2: Being Successful in Online Courses

After watching the videos answer the following questions:


  1. What techniques do you plan to use to be successful in this online class — at least 1 technique should be from the video.  
  2. What challenges could prevent you from using the techniques? 
  3. How will you deal with those challenges? 


Identify a colleague who identified at least 1 technique that is different from 1 you listed.  In your reply, explain if the technique the colleague identified would apply to you, and how.