Module 9 Communicating with Families Activity #1: Touchpoints

Read Gudrais (2012).  Complete this handout as you read the article.


After reading the article, answer the following questions on FlipGrid ( your log in is your 1st name as it appears on CUNY First)

  1.  How are the strategies to be successful in an online class that you identified in Module 1 working? What do you need to adjust?
  2. Would you use the Touchpoints approach when working with families? Why?
  3. Which of the Touchpoints principles discussed in the article seemed most natural to you? Why?
  4. Which of the Touchpoints principles discussed in the article was most controversial to you? Why?
  5. Did the staff in your school use the Touchpoints approach? Use evidence from the article to support your answer.

Communicating with Families: Best Practices for Working with Families who have Infants

What are the best practices for working with families who have infants from the reading and video in this module?  Identify your source (reading or video) as you develop the list.

Your reading may have described families of older children; how can you apply the information to families who have infants?