Module 2: Relationships Activity #1: Relationships with Families

Read Baker & Manfredi/ Pettit (2004). Complete this handout as you read

Baker_Manfedi Petitt (2004) Chapter 1


Watch  Complete this handout while watching the video.

Read the Relationship-Based Practices scenarios.


Relationship Based Child Care Scenarios



Answer the follow questions including specific evidence from the reading and video in your response:

    1. In the schools you attended, which model of center culture did the program use? How do you know?
    2. Which model of center culture would you like to work in? Why?
    3. How do relationships between adults impact babies?
    4. Pick 2 scenarios. For each scenario, explain how you would respond and what you would do in the situation. Identify which scenarios you selected. Include specific evidence from the reading &/ or video to justify your response.


Identify a colleague who responded to a different scenario than you selected. Explain how you would  handle the situation in your reply. Describe how your response is similar to and different from your colleague’s response.