• What do you think is the most demotivating part of Harper’s job?
  • If you were an HR manager meeting with Harper’s supervisor, David, what advice would you give to help them re-engage Harper?
  • What would be the downside of losing Harper as an employee

The Most demotivating part of Harper’s job is that her boss is not noticing what she is going through. and after when her boss left she was very upset because they really got well. Harper’s Love company where she works and she gets a huge experience there.

If I were HR, i would like to advise them to arrange the weekly meetings and that will build the level of employees and it will be good well to do good with employees. In the offices, we need to create a good culture for everyone where all employees would communicate with each other.

Losing Harper as an employee was a huge loss for the company. While she spent a good time and had a crucial experience with their customers. Every company needs a customer on the base of employees. She handled the overload work even though she get a lot of workload. she can manage the work. In the Company, when they hire new employees then definitely they need to train them according to their product.