Harper’s Case Study

The most demotivating part of Harper’s job is feeling like your work and efforts aren’t being recognized as well as feeling helpless and like you’re not getting the help you need in order to finish your tasks on time and stay organized. To fix this I would suggest for David to work on his communication skills, even if he also has a lot on his plate. as the one in charge of overseeing the team, its his job to make sure everyone feels like they’re being heard, understood, and appreciated. He should request for another person to be hired so Harper and the rest of the team don’t feel overworked and stressed out. If the company loses Harper, that’s more workload for the rest of the team causing them to become more overworked and potentially losing more employees. However, hiring someone else is also going to take more time and money for training etc. Also, given the fact that Harper has been working in that position for a few years, its going to take awhile for the new hire to learn everything and they might not be as good which can slow down the whole team.

4 thoughts on “Harper’s Case Study

  1. Mohamed Hossein

    Hi Fatima. Similar to Jamal, I believe you make such great and valid points in which we all can relate to. I like how you suggested what Jamal can do to maybe fix this situation he is in, by working on his communication skills. There are so many things in life that I believe people can achieve if they would just simply speak and communicate with others. I feel like we have not only. seen this here but in our personal lives, maybe even when dealing with school! This does raise awareness and expose others of how overworking an individual can take a toll on ones mental health, and interfere with many factors.

  2. Nadia Khan

    Hey Fatima, you make some great points in your post. It would be a pain finding someone to replace Harper seeing as shes been in the compant for a few years now and it’s not going to be a quick and simple task to train someone, and in the long run slow down the entire team. I also agree that even if David has a bigger team to look over that doesn’t excuse him from not being able to have good communication with all employees.

  3. Edward Quinn

    Hi Fatima! I think your point about David needing to not only check in with his team, but hire another employee to help spread the workload out at Marketable, hits the nail on the head! This way, by checking in with his staff, he would understand the burnout feeling permeating the team, and by hiring another manager or another team member, he would then ideally be able to create a system by which everyone could get feedback back up the chain of command and air some of the frustration. I would be willing to wager that Harper is not the only team member feeling this way! Also, being able to give some sort of recognition, whether this be quarterly, monthly, even yearly, would be a very “cost effective” way to create a sense of being valued and camaraderie which is important!

  4. Syeed Salvant

    Hey Fatima,
    I agree with your first statement, being at a job where you’re overworking and the work you’re doing isn’t even being acknowledged can be just as damaging as having to do the extra work. When a boss has a good relationship with his employees mistakes like this will not be made.

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