Week E

  • What makes Ray Kroc and the brothers different from each other?

Ray Kroc has a completely different intention behind his choice in doing business; he has made it clear at several points through out the film that he has a much larger picture for himself. The McDonald brothers on the other hand are content in the smaller-scaled well managed store they have established.

  • Do you think the McDonald’s brothers did the right thing by selling out to Ray Kroc? Did Ray Kroc give the brothers a good deal?

At that specific point in time they probably did make the correct choice but had they made a deal earlier I think they could have negotiated better terms for themselves.

  • How did the local store franchisees make money?

The local store franchises made money by using an established brand name to set up in a location with good profit after the cost is subtracted.

  • How did Kroc make money? How was that different than the franchisees, running the local stores?

Kroc made money/his main source of income was from the actual expansion and through the real estate aspect of each store.

  • Does this film change your view of McDonald’s?

It doesn’t change my overall view of McDonald’s but I did learn a bit about its cutthroat background.