1. The court system is more suitable for protecting an individual than the elected branch of the government, because each person has more than one court system ready to protect his or her rights. For example, the case Miranda v. Arizona, Ernesto Miranda was accused of kidnapping and rape in violation of state law Arrested, he was easily convicted and sentenced to jail, but he continued to appeal to the Supreme Court, and finally found that the police had violated the Fifth Amendment, in the end Miranda won the case. This proves that the court system protects everyone’s rights.

2. I agree that the Supreme Court is an anti-democratic part of our government, because federal judges are not elected by the people, but appointed by the government. And because federal judges are appointed by the government, this has resulted in government officials being protected from it. For example, when a case between a government official and an ordinary citizen is tried in the Supreme Court, the government official will have a certain advantage, because the Supreme Court will protect the interests of the government official.

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