1. Ruse, balance, and party struggles.
  2. Property rights come from the diverse faculties of people.
  3. If faculties are one of the factors of their wealth, then this sentence can be called relative truth. If wealth only depends on faculties, then I don’t agree with this sentence, because there is no absolute truth.
  4. One question. What is the purpose of establishing a unified central government? A consensus was reached on this issue before the constitutional representatives arrived in Philadelphia. That is to protect property rights. This consensus is also the reason for the War of Independence and the convening of the Constituent Assembly. The purpose of the war of independence was to get rid of the rule of the suzerain Britain and recover the destroyed property rights. Later, because of the Shays’ rebellion and other events, these property owners realized that it was necessary to have a government that could protect property rights. So there is The convening of the Philadelphia Constituent Assembly.
  5. I am not surprised by their opinion. On the contrary, I abuse the term democracy against some countries and some people feel surprised, causing many people to talk about democracy every day, but they don’t know what “democracy” is. What is “democracy”. It is very simple-the minority obeys the majority. If you know the original meaning of democracy, you can think about this issue better. If the minority obeys the majority, what about the interests of the minority? Will this cause the tyranny of the majority? Will it cause the exaggeration of social contradictions? On the contrary, the meaning of a republic is the same as most people’s views on democracy. What was the original Latin definition of the word “republic”? Citizen’s public affairs. That is, the governance of the country is the common cause of all citizens. The government must serve the interests of everyone, not just the interests of a few or the majority. At the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, delegates always referred to the proposed US government as a “republican government” or a “liberal government” instead of the “democratic government” commonly used by Americans and even people around the world today. The reason why the American founding fathers do not like democracy is that they fear that the tyranny of the majority will infringe on their private property. This view can also be seen in the US Constitution. Can ordinary citizens of the United States directly elect the president? Can citizens of the United States remove the president?

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