1. Based on the arguments presented in Readings 6.1 and 6.2, which social class wrote the Constitution, and which class was excluded and not allowed to participate in this process? In your comment, make sure you clearly specify the difference between the two classes by giving examples from the readings.

The land-owning white males who had very little to no debt -that eras Capitalist class- wrote the Constitution.

The people who were excluded from this process were the working-class people of that era; white men who owned no land or were in large debt, women, people of African descent, Native Americans, and indentured servants.

2. Would say that the social class structure of early United States society, was the same as ours today, or different? Explain.

It would appear that the social class structure of early United States was very similar to the one we have today.

In both eras a very small number of people hold the vast majority of wealth and power.

3. Why were the people who wrote the Constitution so afraid of democracy? Hint: think about how to answer this question by discussing it in terms of social classes.

The writers of the constitution, who were a part of the capitalist class, were afraid of direct democracy because they feared the uprising of the working class. They knew that the working class made up the majority of the population and would vote in their own favor, which was against the capitalist class.

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