1. The war against terrorism is a war against civilians because a terrorist can be anyone which created fear and distrust. It is unclear who the enemy can be and you can be fighting this war for a long time. The war against terrorism can be long-term because it’s a war of the mind and it’s troublesome to talk about facts rather than fear. It’s dangerous to be kept in the loop of fear because one never feels safe. This new war is similar to oppression in communities because receiving information about terrorism many Americans wouldn’t oppose torturing methods. The war on terror is different than traditional wars because unlike traditional wars in which is a war against specific bodies, land, and resources. War on terror is one against terror/fear.
  1. Roving wiretaps are useful because it allows the government to deal with technologically sophisticated terrorists. This provision of the Patriot Act specifically permits roving wiretaps against suspected terrorists. However, The Roving Wiretaps of the Patriot Act violates the bill of rights by violating the defendant’s constitutional rights.
  1. Sneak and Peek allow search warrants in which authorities search a building without immediately notifying the target. Additionally, it can not only be applied exclusively to acts of foreign and domestic terrorism but, any federal crime including misdemeanors. Although, the “Sneak and Peek” has been useful in catching criminals such as drug dealers without jeopardizing an investigation still some people think that this warrant allows searches for minor crimes.

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