1. Keeping in mind the material covered in this lesson, describe how you understand ideology in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Hint: One way to approach this is as follows

a) Describe what ideology is in a brief paragraph (in your own words).

b) Give an example illustrating what you wrote in (a).

c) Write another paragraph (or two), explaining to your reader with additional details, how you understand ideology.

I think ideology is a belief that a group of people’s thoughts, ideas, and values that they express in their life, like racism and sexism, also Capitalism and communism. Ideology is also around us, for example, I like sweets and hate bitter, and you have the same opinion as me, so does some of the other people, then now we had formed “sweet-ism”. Religions are a kind of ideology that might be a better example. While a king of ideology exists, there are usually or more forms of ideologies that are against that idea, back to my example, there might have “bitter-ism”, “sour-ism” or “spicy-ism” happening and create conflict.

2. How do you understand the difference between conservative and liberal ideology in US politics? What seems to be a big difference, the dividing line? Given an example to back up your arguments.

Hint: try to identify keywords (concepts) that play a big role in making someone consider themselves to be liberal or conservative. Then, explain in your own words what those keywords (concepts) mean.

Liberal tend to increase government control of trade and commerce, but don’t support restrictions on freedom of speech, sexual issues, beliefs, and other personal freedoms, while Conservative tend to increase restrictions on personal behavior, but don’t support restrictions on trade, business, wealth and property appreciation. Their opinion on government control and personal freedom are mostly opposite, Liberal is more close to Democratic and Conservative for Republican.

3. How do you understand Althusser’s definition of ideology? Paraphrase it in your own words. Given an example. Hint: you may have to watch the second video again, and find the few places where Althusser’s position is presented.

Althusser’s definition of ideology is that it’s an important and useful tool that can be used in school, media campaigns, and politics. Which are the places and sources that we people usually get the information from, people can be “brain-washed” to have whatever the idea that the government wants us to have. For example, if the government united with the media and changed the teaching materials to tell people that we’re living inside a TV where outside they have Gods that are watching us, of course, at first people wouldn’t believe it, but as time passes through, they will start to take this as fact.

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