1. Ideology is divided into many types, including political, social, values, etc. In political ideology, it is divided into right, center, and left. They all have different political ideas, and in political ideology, most people understand these two factions, conservatives and liberals. Michael Parenti wrote “Conservative ideology preaches the virtues of private initiative and self-reliance: rich and poor pretty much get what they deserve; “The political ideologies of these two factions are different.
Different class ideologies are also different. The rich need to pay more taxes to the government to help the poor and the society, but the rich do not get any benefits from it, so they think the government should cut taxes. But for these Those who receive government funding do not object to the government charging high taxes on the rich, which means that different class ideologies are different.

2.The biggest difference between conservative and liberal ideologies in American politics is economic interests and class. Conservatives are rich people. They believe that the government should not interfere in the free market. They want to abolish most government regulations on business, as well as environmental and consumer protection, disability and retirement support, minimum wage laws, unemployment compensation, occupational safety and injury compensation laws. Most liberals are from the working class, and they think the government needs to provide them with more help. Many liberals believe that public services and environmental protection need to be improved; they support the minimum wage law, unemployment insurance and other wage support, as well as social security, nutritional assistance for poor children, and occupational safety. From the difference in ideology between the two, the biggest difference between them is economic interests and class.

3.The definition of Ideology for Althusser is a means of class struggle and a tool of class rule. In other words, they emphasized that ideology is mainly conceived by people for the needs of their own class interests. Moreover, ideology is the living condition of people’s self-imagination and reality. For example, in academics, students believe that grades are very important in their own perceptions, and grades will affect the status of the future in society, work, ranking in the class, and parents’ attitudes towards children, etc., because people who work hard have income. The bigger you are, the higher your class can be in society. These ideas reflect the real living conditions in society.

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