1. Keeping in mind the material covered in this lesson, describe how you understand ideology in YOUR OWN WORDS.

My understanding of what ideology is that it is a representation of a person’s or people’s beliefs specially surrounding politics, economy, and policies. An ideology can be an opinion about how these systems should work and there are also different ideologies. There are three main ideologies, rightist, centrist, and leftist, according to the article. These categories however are very broad and have specific details that differentiate them from each other.

2. How do you understand the difference between conservative and liberal ideology in US politics? What seem to be the big differences, the dividing line? Given an example to back up your arguments.

Conservative ideologies according to the article consist of, “conservatives, corporate elites, and many other affluent persons who advocate free-market capitalism and defend big business as the mainstay of the good society. Free-market capitalism is essentially the unregulated laissez-faire variety in which private-profit investments have priority over almost all other social considerations.” o the other hand the liberals “see a need for improving public services and environmental protections; they support minimum-wage laws, unemployment insurance, and other wage supports, along with Social Security, nutritional aid for needy children, occupational safety, and the like.” The main difference in my opinion is that the liberals want government regulations while the conservatives want businesses to have all the power.

3. How do you understand Althusser’s definition of ideology? Paraphrase it in your own words. Given an example. Hint: you may have to watch the second video again and find the few places where Althusser’s position is presented.

I feel that Althusser’s definitely does not support the conservatives’ ideologies but I also feel that he does not fully accept the liberals. In. my opinion he favors the socialists.

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