Bitya Andrade’s Week 11 Learning Journal

My experience creating and giving the midterm presentation:

I used the miro board, gratefully provided by professor to create my presentation. It was a bit tricky since miro board is a heavy site and it felt like using a non-touch screen ipad. THe tools were easy to use and I was able to easily add in my content.

While presenting, it was difficult to have zoom and miro running at the same time. Overall, I had enjoyed presenting my ideas to my about making my first personal portfolio to show my skills off.

What was surprising was that every student would make sticky notes on a separate miro board to give feedback on each presentation. I found this super helpful and engaging, while giving every student a chance to say something even if they don’t want to turn their mic on. I really giving students advice and my opinions regarding their projects.

Did the process of making and giving the presentation make you feel more prepared to present information in a professional setting?

This experience has made me more comfortable and prepared for future professional presentations. I generally, enjoy making presentations but often find myself not prepared to give it. So having to show my progress to my class not only build up my public speaking skills, but also helps direct what I’m showing to y target audience. For example, specific presentations often is directed to specific audience. In this case, I now know what my audience is looking for, what they expected and they can be surprised with when I do future presentations regarding portfolios, product ideas etc. So now I can prepare myself when the time comes.

What did you learn from watching others presentations?</h3

I learned that many of the students had creative ideas for their project. Each of them had their own way of presenting their ideas, whether it would be using a mirror board or presentation. ONe thing I took away from watching others are the amount of effort you see each student that pours into their presentation. I saw that some didn’t put much effort and were very quick to finish presentation. This gave me a sense that they were not that dedicated even if they did it uninteintaly. I want to prevent my audience to feel this way, so this encourages me not to do same mistake. When other students shows the time and dedication they put in to show their wonderful ideas, it really grabs my attention and boost my confidence to want to do the same.

Questions about the Final Project


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