Asia’s Week 5 Learning Journal

What I know about about getting the Example Eleventy Course project up and running:

I use WSL, the way I start my project might be different. The main things to know before getting the eleventy project started is to have access to Github and the course repo ( through link). Have VSC open with Nodejs and npm installed. ( check version >node -v >npm -v). Make sure VSC is opened in the folder you want to work in. (ls, cd ‘folder’ or mkdir ‘folder’ )

Open new terminal:

Once eleventy is installed, the Github course repo should be forked then cloned. In VSC if the Github extensions are installed : ctrl+shift+p to open  ( I think its opens the command palette) > type git , select git: clone . ctrl+v the cloned repo within the palette.

Check which branch. > git status, > git branch -r

then >git checkout master

npm install -g 11ty@eleventy ( doublecheck).

>npm init > npm run build (building the package might come before)




What I want to learn more deeply or need more information about:

I understand parts of the process, my Git environment looked a little different . I had to open source bash config to have show $master.

I want to learn Eleventy and JSON more deeply.