Alyona Radkevich’s Week 3 Learning Journal

How was your experience with watching JavaScript Collections?

Everything seemed fine, the videos were helpful and informative.

Describe your understanding of JavaScript’s use and position in modern Web Design.

JavaScript lets you create dynamic content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else. It’s like a must-have in today’s web design.

What are you interested in doing with JavaScript in your personal project?

I want to add more interactivity to the websites I built. Or I can also do mini browser apps (like the one Google has with the dinosaur).

What aspects of CSS Layout and JavaScript do you need more practice with?

My CSS is okay I think, but I can use some practice with layouts. My knowledge of JS is pretty basic. I need to spend more time to get a better understanding of functions, but overall a little practice on everything will be good.

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