Alyona Radkevich’s Week 11 Learning Journal

My experience creating and giving the midterm presentation:

The process of creating the presentation was fine since it wasn’t the first time I had to present something similar. The in-class presentation was a helpful and learning experience, and I got good feedback as well. the most difficult part for me was figuring out what ideas are actually doable and what are not in terms of covered in the class material.

Did the process of making and giving the presentation make you feel more prepared to present information in a professional setting?

Yes, it totally did. It was a great practice. The more presentations I do, the more confident I feel about the way I present it.

What did you learn from watching others presentations?

What I learned from others is that it is important to be organized and well-prepared, it adds some professionalism to the presentation.

Questions about the Final Project

How to upload the website to the netlify?

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