Midterm Brief: kings and queens of futbol (KQF)

Project Information Project Name kings and queens of futbol (KQF) Project Description: I will build a website that connects all fans of "futbol" around queens, the website will provide info about where to find soccer fields, meet ups and recent news about soccer Project Team: harol Project Goals: i wanna create a strong community around… Continue reading Midterm Brief: kings and queens of futbol (KQF)

harol’s Week 5 Learning Journal

What I know about about getting the Example Eleventy Course project up and running: we need to install vscode and add git-clone to it. you need to have a github account to fork the repository. What I want to learn more deeply or need more information about: eleventy, git.

harol’s Week 3 Learning Journal

How was your experience with watching JavaScript Collections? it was good, everything clear Describe your understanding of JavaScript’s use and position in modern Web Design. it makes webpages more interactive What are you interested in doing with JavaScript in your personal project? build better and interactive webpages. What aspects of CSS Layout and JavaScript do… Continue reading harol’s Week 3 Learning Journal

harol‘s Week 1 Learning Journal

How the Week Went Overall it went really well. I liked the way the professor has organized the class. also, I like the fact that we have the opportunity to meet new people. How I Feel About my HTML Knowledge N/A Where I am with My Dev Environment Setup I set up a few accounts

harol rojas

hey, this is harol, looking forward to learning more about web design.

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