Week #4 – Info & Resources

Poster Designs by Paula Scher

Welcome back! Week #4, here we are!

Do you need a recap of Week #3? Go here!

**Here is the Recording from tonight’s Zoom class on 9/16 below


Passcode: &Qbj=hZ5

Lets jump in and take a look at Assignment #1 parts 1 & 2 / your designs in progress during our Zoom session on 9/16 – I will encourage students to share their progress on screen so that we can engage in dialog about the works and how we can make improvements.

*Remember, you can always find a Zoom class recording for each Assignment tutorial under the Assignment page for that individual assignment, the process for Assignment #1 – parts 1 & 2 are on the Assignment #1 page

We will also spend some class time practicing a few class exercises with the Photoshop pen tool! (exciting!)

**I will be introducing Assignment #2 – AKA – “the Postcard Project” tonight as well.

We will get well versed working with the photoshop pen tool, electronic imaging, cutting out images and creating graphic assets. We will also be creating and working with various file types and bringing our ideas into photoshop to produce the finished designs.

Im a big fan of revisions! We will discuss using multiple art boards and the iteration process while in process.

*This Week’s Exercise – Cutting out Images in Photoshop / Making Graphic Assets: Cutting out images in various fragments is a task that all graphic designers will face on a regular basis. Learning various methods for cutting out images is a necessity. We will explore, experiment and share a few methods on how. 

Students will select and practice from images taken from a public domain, OER or creative commons sources on the Internet or they may use images that they have on their devices. Again, We have a huge selection of OER Resources on our class resources page here too

(This exercise/technique will be applied to the post card project – assignment #2 ).

Video Screening Tutorials: Cutting out images in Photoshop (Pen Tool examples)

These tutorials above will help get you started with our class exercise, but ultimately, you will need to master the pen tool in both photoshop and illustrator for the cleanest vector cut-outs. 

**Are you looking for a photoshop psd. file template example to create along with, format and submit your postcard? (Photoshop newbies can edit and change the layers as you need to) Those with experience should make the template themselves –   Click HERE

(Is there a specific tutorial that you learned from recently or over time? Share the URL link with a description of your experience in the comments section below)

Graphic Designer and inspiration of the week!

Paula Scher! (please get to know her work!)

Watch this great talk by Graphic Design icon Paula Scher!

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