Final Course Completion Information

Dear Students,

The end of the semester is upon us!

Here is the final semester wrap up and course completion information:

The same content will be sent to your e-mail via blackboard and shared here on this website.

Please reach out with any questions here –

Tonight, 12/9 – is the last day of classes, I will use this class to share a demonstration on how you can make a PDF portfolio to organize all of your completed works. (its not mandatory, but I recommend it as the skill that can be applied to other courses.)

I will add that video to our website after class on 12/9 – Located here –

Next Wednesday December 16th is our last meeting in Zoom during finals week – for those who would like to present their completed work in the Zoom format – please join us at 5:30pm – 9pm – those not attending the 12/16 Zoom session will need to have all completed work added to their personal folder in our google drive no later than 9pm – Wednesday 12/9.

Submitting your completed assignments – I know I have mentioned this many many times through out the semester, but all student work needs to be submitted via our Google Drive Folder located here –

Please submit all course work into your personal folders no later than next Wednesday December 16th by 9PM.

Please reach out with any questions here –

Thank You!

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