Weeks #7 & 8 – Info & Resources

Welcome to MMA100 Weeks #7 &8!

Here is this week’s useful information and class resources:

*Did you miss Week #5&6’s Post? Go Here

Lets jump in tonight by looking at more student work! Share your screen and show us what you have completed, are currently working on, or need some class advice on how to make improvements and updates. Don’t forget to add your works in progress to our google drive (you have a folder there).

Its also time to start talking about Assignment #3 – Exciting! Welcome to Adobe Illustrator!

Discussion – Class exercise :: Adobe Illustrator. Creating shapes with the pen tool, the pathfinder and the shape builder tool. Working with layers, simplifying and reducing images. Working with color, locating color books and pantone colors.

Assignment #3 link to assignment sheet

Lab Tutorial – This week we will take a tour of Adobe Illustrator and practiced creating new documents and setting up our art boards for production. Tonight’s zoom class we be recorded and placed here after class.

Below is the screen recording from class on 10/21 – Jump in!


Passcode: T9q^6U%r

Below is the screen recording from class on 10/28 – Jump in!


Passcode: !PcB^#I7


Color Theory!

Adobes awesome Color Wheel Simulator (must see)

GO HERE to Experiment

Let’s take an additional tour with Adobe Wizard – Terry White

10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do (subscribe to Terry’s Channel!)

Weekly Inspiration & Resources of Relevance:

An Introduction to Typography & Its History – Letterforms / Designing with Type

Examples of Typography in Poster Design 

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